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Since Amazing Thai's original opening in New Zealand over 20 years ago, our Thai chefs have received the highest accolades for preparing the most unique, and yet traditional dishes and Thai flavours.

Our cuisine is based on the central regions of Thailand, with full flavour curries and delicate wok fried creations. We follow traditional Thai cooking methods as well as adding inspiration to a select range of choices.

We also encourage tradtional Thai dining culture, in which all meals are always chosen with friends and family in mind. Dishes are then placed in the centre of the table with serving spoons for sharing the meal. Dining in Thailand is a unique, caring and social  affair. 

At Amazing Thai we believe in the authentic experience of Thailand. It begins at the front door with the traditional "Wai" greeting and continues all the way to the warm farewell.


Amazing Thai Restaurant is truly an experience not to be missed.


See you there! 

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